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Our qualified teachers will help you to begin as well as develop your yoga practice. Their teaching is focused on personal needs of every student. 



Sharing career of professional dancer, choreographer and teacher together with almost 20 years of yoga practice is a way that Dorota spreads her love for body awareness. While sharing this passion with her students she loves to awake and stimulate others. Her classes are full of energy yet grounded in alignment and conscious breathe. She loves to connect traditional way of teaching yoga with her dancers temperament and deep understanding of the body. Dorota's signature are hands-on adjustments: her direct and very personal way to guide every single student.
She is accredited by YogaAliance. Carries Master Degree of Movement Research and Bachelor of Dance & Pedagogy.


Coralie has always been passionate about movement and coordination games. It was during her training as a contemporary dancer that she discovered yoga. This practice then becomes a necessary element in her daily life as a dancer. In 2017, she followed the 200H RYS Yoga Alliance Teacher Training guided by Joan Hyman at the Innercityoga studio in Geneva. Quickly, she realizes her passion for teaching yoga and offers yoga classes for different companies and dance troupes of which she herself is a part. Her passion for movement is reflected in her yoga classes where you will discover the blend of traditional postures and creative movement merging into a continuous flow.

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