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Our classes

We offer a variety of classes and workshops depending on your personal needs. Whether you wish to begin the journey, relieve aches and pains, take your yoga practice to the next level, or simply wish to discover your body in a new, free way through movement exploration.


Yoga Initiation - beginners level

Initiation to Yoga is a perfect class if you wish to begin the yoga journey, explore effortless practice and give the breathe more importance. Accessible to all ages and types of bodies. Class covers basics of standing, seated and reclined postures. It is a perfect way before moving to other levels of yoga classes given in the studio.


Hatha Yoga - all levels

Perfect way to sustain the regular yoga practice. Classes are slower with detailed explanation to every posture, deeply rooted in breathe and principals of alignment. You will feel secure as well as challenged as every class is adapted to your personal level of practice.


Vinyasa Flow - intermediate level

Followed by the Krishnamacharya principle of Vinyasa - that style is dedicated to the students with more experience. Connections between postures are more fluid and advanced asanas are proposed to give new perspective to regular practice.

Basic yoga experience is needed to comfortable in that class. 


Power Vinyasa - advanced level

Move out of the box, explore the range of motion and various  qualities that your body wants to express through fluid and challenging class of more advanced postures and sequences. Deeply rooted in breathe, class is dedicated to students who have a regular practice.  

SunDora Shala Triko

Prenatal -postnatal
future and young mums

Allow yourself to listen to your body in that beautiful moments of pregnancy. Slow down, breathe and open up to the new chapter of your life. This class is designed to future mums from 2nd trimester as well as 8 weeks after birth. 

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